Broad specialization

Carrau Corporación is a firm that covers all fields of Law in order to offer a comprehensive service to our clients. We have professionals who specialize in Commercial, Tax, Economics and Accounting, Labor, Bankruptcy, Public, Administrative and Building Law, Civil Law, Personal Law, Inheritance, Civil Liability and Insurance, Criminal,

Associations and Foundations, Cooperatives, Recoveries, Renewable Energies and the Environment, Financial Entities, Franchises and Consumption.

To offer a truly comprehensive service, we also have accounting services, as well as tax and labor management services that allow you to unify legal, economic and management services in a single firm.

Whatever your legal or economic need, at Carrau Corporación we have specialized teams whose mission is the best defense of the interests of our clients.

We cover all
of Law

in your sector and, for
so much, in your business

in the community

and economists