Civil Liability and Insurance

Carrau Corporación has a highly qualified team of professionals in the fields of Insurance Law and Civil Liability Law. Our extensive experience in legal advice to insurance companies, and also in the defense of private policyholders in court, allows us to offer the most appropriate response to the needs of each client.

The legal services of Carrau Corporación offer its clients the guarantee of being MORE THAN SAFE, whether they are insurance entities, their policyholders, insurance brokers or agents of insurance companies. We have more than twenty professionals that guarantee a personalized attention, agile and of quality, with full availability and exclusive dedication. Our office also has the most advanced material and technological means to manage any file efficiently, providing the client with a permanent and continuous information.

In addition to a large legal team, at Carrau Corporación we have a network of specialized experts who collaborate with the firm to adequately attend to the defense of the interests of any matter related to insurance or civil liability claims.

  • Claims for traffic accidents
  • Assessment of bodily harm
  • Medical malpractice claims and defense
  • Claim and defense to professionals
  • Claims for work accidents
  • Damage insurance
  • Life and accident insurance
  • Civil liability insurance for exploitation, employer, professional.
  • Civil liability insurance for Public Administrations
  • Large risk insurance
  • Advice to companies and individuals in hiring insurance policies to cover risks of business activity
  • Claims and defense in any matter of civil liability

Carrau Corporación's specialization in legal services that affect insurance and civil liability is an added value, which is added to the accredited solvency of a law firm and economists with more than two decades of experience. The Insurance Law and Civil Liability Area of ​​Carrau accumulates extensive experience providing services to insurance companies of the first national and international level, as well as individuals and companies. We are specialists in defending your interests with claims based on contracting insurance and both civil and professional liability. The professional experience of the heads of our team supports our work:

Hector Paricio Rubio

Founding partner of Carrau Corporación and head of the Insurance and Civil Liability Area. He has more than thirty years of experience in civil and criminal litigation. As an expert lawyer in Insurance Contract and Civil Liability Law, he has given numerous conferences and participated in television programs. Héctor Paricio teaches classes in the Master of Law at the University of Valencia. Since 2012 he has been the secretary of the board of AVAESEN, one of the most important renewable energy associations in Spain.

Isabel Serrano Marti

Lawyer with more than fifteen years of experience in Insurance Law, Civil Liability and Criminal Law. He has intervened in a multitude of legal proceedings in defense of the interests of the insured and insurance companies of recognized prestige, both in civil and criminal proceedings. His specialization in Damage Law and motor vehicle circulation insurance stands out. He has specialized training in Damage and Civil Liability Law, as well as in the assessment of bodily harm derived from traffic accidents.

Joan Gutierrez Calvo

Lawyer with more than ten years of experience in the field of Insurance Law, civil liability and commercial contracting. He has provided his services to insurance companies of recognized prestige, having extensive experience in insurance for the transport and circulation of motor vehicles, life and accidents, as well as civil liability insurance for the operation of companies. He has extensive training in advising international companies and businesses, as well as in commercial contracting and, especially, in Insurance Contract Law.